We’ll make your 4WD Tough

The Tyre Factory are your 4x4 Experts

Located in Melbourne and across Australia, The Tyre Factory Group are all things Auto… More than just Tyres and Wheels the Tyre Factory are the place to go to make your 4x4 “look smick” and to “Toughen” up your work vehicle. Whether you’re touring the country or planning a weekend trip, or are a Tradie getting the heavy jobs done, The Tyre Factory can provide you with all the necessary products and accessories to make it the ultimate adventure… PLUS we fit and service as well.

Featuring fully equipped workshops and showrooms stocked with a large range of 4×4 gear, the Tyre Factory team are a group of passionate 4WDers and Auto experts who are always on hand and happy to give you the right advice to help select the right Tyres, Wheels, Lift Kits, Towing, Bull Bars and steps, Exhaust systems, Safari Snorkels, IDrive and much much more as well as accessories to ensure you get the most out of your 4WD experience.

Drop into any of The Tyre Factory stores today or call 1300 287 8973 to get everything you need and the best advice as well as right price for your next 4WD adventure. At the Tyre Factory our staff (experts), love 4x4’s and 4 wheel driving and we make a point of getting out into the great outdoors. We love getting dirty, getting offroad and seeing how the products we sell perform. That’s why you can trust us to help steer you in the right direction. We sell great brans with enviable quality and reputation and don’t just stock a brand or product because it maybe good… We stock it because it’s the BEST choice?

At The Tyre Factory we believe in offering our customers the widest possible range of products and accessories and help you make the best possible choice. For instance, if you’re a 4x4 driver or have a family SUV we can make your travel and day to day driving a pleasure. We can Fit a TOW bar to make your travel simpler or sell you an accessory to not just make your car look TUFF but also make your life simpler. We can help you carry more gear if you choose . We can improve your cars performance and its economy. At The Tyre Factory the choice is yours.


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