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Auto air-conditioning and heating are more often than not, neglected until: (a) the damage is done and the system has broken down and (b) the extreme seasonal weather has arrived and demand is at its peak. Just like with anything else, regular maintenance of your car air-conditioning and car heating system is key.

We offer a Basic Check and Recharge at $159 and a Major Service including Cabin Filter from $209. (Some extra charges may apply for 4x4, commercial and Prestige vehicles)

At The Tyre Factory we do all Services inhouse so we offer same day service and there are no outside agent costs. Don’t pay Dealership prices or the higher price at repairers who don’t do there own services. (Sometimes these casts can be in excess of $225 for a basic service.

Many older cars either have a failing, non-working or no air-conditioning system. The Tyre Factory can assist you with complete auto air-conditioning including:

  • Air Conditioning Re-Gassing.
  • Retro Fitting.
  • Leak Detecting.
  • Hose Repairs.
  • Pipe Repairs.
  • Cabin Filter replacement (To ensure PURE AIR free of pollutants) – We use Ryco cabin filters
  • We use R134 Gas for optimum cooling and performance

Let The Tyre Factory check, inspect and recommend what's required to keep you safe. Your vehicle’s A/C (or climate control system) not only keeps you cool during summer, it can also remove humidity from the cabin, demisting a foggy windscreen in winter. Regularly servicing of your vehicle’s A/C by our specialist technicians ensures your vehicle’s air conditioning system remains in top condition year round.

Our Air Conditioning Service includes:

  • Check cooling and overall operation
  • Remove and replace cabin filter (where necessary)
  • Carry out checks for leaks and receiver-dryer contamination
  • Check system pressures
  • Clean condenser
  • Evacuate system via recovery station and recharge (100% environmentally friendly)
  • Re-check performance


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