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The Tyre Factory combines the Biggest Tyre and Wheel Brands to create the NEW and Exciting look that you've always wanted for your vehicle. Whether it's the family sedan, your DREAM ride, a 4x4 that you want to make TUFF or your daily workhorse that you want to be the envy of your Tradie mates we can start you on your journey.

Simply enter in your cars registration and let us show you a range of Looks combining some of the Best Brands in Wheels with tyres that suit your budget or give you a level of performance that matches your desires and needs.


If you've seen something on line, on another car, in a magazine start by sending us an enquiry and a PHOTO and tell us about your DREAM.... We will take up the challenge and help you create the LOOK to be "The ENVY of your Mates".....

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