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Your car is a breeding ground for germs & bacteria. We have a Vehicle Sanitisation service to protect you and your family and give you CLEAN AIR. Our Clean Air Service involves a change of Cabin Filter to allow you to breathe clean air and a complete system FLUSH, purification and clean. Just $119

Have you noticed that, the air inside your car smells? Is it moist? I’m actually not feeling the clean air? Have you ever taken the time to think about the fact that, the air inside your car might actually not be clean? Have you ever thought about the fact that, this might actually affect others as well? If you have pets or kids and you are transporting them with that particular car then perhaps you might be exposing them to dangerous unclean air that could hurt them, affect asthma or impact them with respiratory issues

We run your air system with a disinfection process and then replace the Cabin filter.. We need your car for 45 minutes and do this by BOOKING only (Note some 4x4's may be $30 extra due to cost of Cabin filter, but we will tell you up front). If we find that your Air Conditioner requires re-gassing to work effectively add $75 extra

Not Available – Ferntree Gully , Frankston, Ravenhall, Wodonga, Warrnambool


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