Exhaust System and Mufflers

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The Tyre Factory are an experienced fitter of exhaust systems and mufflers, it's an area where we can customise your 4x4. We sell and recommend the best exhaust brands; Redback, Redback Extreme Duty 4x4, XForce and Lukey Performance Exhaust. Carline specialise in standard replacement, performance upgrades and exhaust system fitting, all covered under each Brands product warranty.

Australia put vehicle emission standards in place in the 1970s, and these have been progressively tightened over the past 40 years. The aim is to ensure all vehicles meet tight emission standards and that air quality therefore improves.

Emission limits vary, depending on whether you drive a light or heavy vehicle, and there are a series of performance standards that specify the maximum levels of emissions permitted under a specified test. It’s been a requirement that all vehicle manufacturers fit catalytic converters to light petrol and LPG vehicles in order to meet the emission limits introduced in the mid 1980s. Talk to us about needs. Ask an expert on 1300 287 8973


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