Great looking wheels are an artform and our Specialty. Let a Tyre Factory expert help you to create a reflection of your personality and style.

Any desired look and effect can be achieved with the addition of great looking wheels. Different aspects of the wheels come in to play to give a different desired look.

We can help you chose the RIGHT: Colour, the texture, the concave angles of the spokes, the centre caps, the different mixture of colours, the addition of milling, the size of the wheel, the size of the dish, the colour of the dish, the style of the lip, the overall look of the wheel, be it classy or aggressive, the addition of bolts, the colour of the bolts, where they are positioned on the rim, weather they are real or fake , how many pieces is the rim, one piece, two piece, three piece, cast wheels, forged wheels, semi forged rims, rotary forged wheels, what the name of the wheel is, the direction of the spokes of the rim, the step on the lip of the wheel, checking the brake clearance of the wheel, weather it is matte or gloss painted, the brand name of the wheel and if it is on the spokes of the wheel, the offset of the wheel, if it is single holes drilled pcd stud pattern or multi holes and so forth.

The combinations are endless which is why you need an Expert. Regardless to the fact we have access to Australia’s largest range and BIGGEST Brands to suit your passion. We cater for all budgets and have interest free finance. Call 13002878973 to get a great deal and advice or just click on the wheel section below. We have many stores and delivery all over the country. Wheels only or wheel and tyre packages.


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Other Wheel Brands

The Tyre Factory also stock and sell these brands...Unfortunately we haven't got them loaded yet but please simply look up online OR send us a pic of what you like and your car details on this enquiry form and we can quote you quickly and confirm stock availability so that you can see what's available.