Fender Flares

TTF - Fender Flares

Fender flares are an added accessory that is fitted on the guards of the vehicle in order to gain additional guard size to allow for overhanging wheels and tyres. Each flare is moulded accordingly to the shape of the vehicle guard to assure precision fitment. Fender flares are designed to also enhance the look of your vehicle, which gives your 4WD a tougher / aggressive look, as it adds to the width of your vehicle’s existing fender. Most flares are used when offset of the wheels are low, causing the wheel & tyre to protrude beyond the guard line. Flares compensate for the low offset wheels by hanging over the wheels & tyres to cover them and to comply with regulations.

  1. Easy installation to factory screw holes with genuine 3M adhesive & rubber trim. No drilling required on vehicle body
  2. Precision fitting aligned to vehicle body


Added Tyre Added Wheel Added Package