Safari Snorkels

Safari Snorkels

From the Amazon to the Andes – from the Kalahari to the Kimberly – from the Sahara to the Simpson, four wheel drivers’ the world over have put their trust in genuine “Aussie made” Safari Snorkels

New performance orientated Safari Snorkels.

All Safari Snorkels are manufactured in Australia using Australian materials. Safari Snorkels utilise the latest available technologies in design, testing and engineering to ensure all snorkels give you the best performance and durability possible, while looking great on your 4x4 vehicle. Safari snorkels feature all new designs, are tested on a custom built flow bench, to flow 25% to 70% more air than the stock air cleaner housing flows from the vehicle manufacturer, whilst still providing a watertight raised air intake.

This ensures that if the vehicle owner wishes to increase their vehicle’s engine performance (utilising Engine Management, Exhausts, upgraded Intercoolers etc.), the Safari ARMAX™ Snorkel will provide the necessary airflow required. This is the only product of its type in the world.

The Safari ARMAX™ Snorkels feature:-

  • Safari’s own Industrial Spec UV Stabilised Polyethylene
  • Safari’s rounded style Air Ram; however with minimum 4” (101.6mm) neck and an optimised air flow, low restriction grill
  • A Life Time warranty
  • Design and flow tested by our in house engineers for maximum performance
  • Development and verification in conjunction with other soon to be released ARMAX™ performance enhancement products.


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