The Tough Dog Lift Kits

The Tough Dog Lift Kits

Want to fit the TUFFest and BEST Lift to your 4x4 ? Tough Dog Suspension is engineered to suit Australian conditions and we stock a full range of 4WD suspension components. Return to Centre Damper. Ride Adjustable Shocks. Brands: Shock Absorbers, Springs, Steering Dampers, Snorkels, Bull Bars, Coil Spacers, Compressors. Whatever you need The Tyre Factory can source it as an authorised stockist and we fit as well.

Make your 4x4 the envy of your mates and the “HOOD” …call a The Tyre Factory expert today.

There’s 100’s of applications and there is a LIFT KIT to suit every application and 4WD


Added Tyre Added Wheel Added Package