Sailun Truck S696

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Tyre Details

The S696 is a low section tyre designed to replace the traditional double-tyre style. The special tread rubber design allows the tyre to run cool. Strengthened design improves driving safety.

Key Features

  • Small grooves allow the tyre to run cool and provide better grip to improve skid resistance.

  • Closed-shoulder design enhances tread wear resistance and effectively uneven wear

  • Zigzagged grooveds reduce stone retention.

  • Super wide running surface, shoulder design, and special tread formula improve tread life.

Available Sizes

Full Size Range

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Size Load/Speed Runflat Load Range Vehicle Code Technology Price
7R16 115/110M $275
7.50R16 122/118L Call for best price
385/65R22.5 160K 20 Ply Call for best price
385/65R22.5 158L $550
445/65R22.5 160K 20 Ply Call for best price
445/65R22.5 161M 20 Ply $740


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