Sailun Truck S629

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Tyre Details

The S629 is a directional position tire suitable for mid to long distance trucks and busses running on good roads. Tread compound formula improves scrub resistance. Unique shoulder design and deeper shoulder grooves help prevent abnormal tire wear. Widened running surface provides better tread-to-ground contact area for improved handling.

Key Features

  • Shallow pattern grooves provide the tire with strong grip and skid resistance.

  • The widened running surface provides even contact pressure for better handling.

  • Zigzag pattern at the bottom of the tread grooves provide for better maneuverability and driving comfort.

  • The widened shoulder and unique shoulder groove design provide for cool running and reduce uneven wear.

Available Sizes

Full Size Range

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Size Load/Speed Runflat Load Range Vehicle Code Technology Price
295/80R22.5 150/147L 16 Ply $366.10


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