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M36+ MRS

Tyre Details

The Maxxis M36+ is a premium performance run flat tyre designed for a safe, quiet and comfortable ride – even under zero inflation pressure!

Key Features

  • A state-of-the-art run flat tyre suitable for a range of vehicles that require these specialist tyres.

  • Reinforced outer shoulder block design for superb straight-line grip and handling, and excellent cornering.

  • Advanced bead design and bead filler minimises sidewall deformation and heat build-up, to ensure excellent durability.

  • Optimised tread design, combined with state-of-the-art casing construction ensures excellent handling and aquaplaning resistance.

  • Central tread ribs give excellent high-speed stability and optimal handling.

Available Sizes

Full Size Range

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Size Load/Speed Runflat Load Range Vehicle Code Technology Price
205/55R16 91W $159.75
205/50R17 93W $241.34
225/45R17 91W $189.42
225/50R17 94W $251.66
225/55R17 97W $222.20
225/40R18 92W $251.66
225/45R18 91W $258.65
225/50R18 95W $338.63
245/40R18 93W $269.18
245/45R18 96W $215.65
245/50R18 100W $345.61
255/40R18 95W $397.54
245/40R19 94W $397.54
245/45R19 98Y $362.92
255/50R19 107W $415.06
275/35R19 100Y $442.69
275/40R19 101Y $432.37
245/40R20 99Y $536.53
275/35R20 102Y $558.89
275/40R20 106W $359.37
315/35R20 110W $452.25


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