Hot Trade-ins

The Tyre Factory does the Best and Biggest Deals on Wheels and Tyres in the industry Unlike our competitors, we will talk "Trade-ins" and put together that takes your existing wheels and Tyres and puts a value on them that helps you to get the New look that you're after. Simply put we will "wheel and Deal" to create the offer that suits your budget.

We promise that "We won't be Beaten" and that we will give you a fair price everyday.

This page is designed to show Trade-ins that exist in each store. You can shop the deal and put an offer in to the store listed by filling in the enquiry and we will contact you to try to meet your needs and a deal that makes you the envy of your mates. All prices shown are "Pick-Up" prices, unfitted and Freight is extra.

We ship anywhere in Australia and can quote you to get it to your door. Check out these deals:

Trade-in available at these stores. Click to see the Hot Deals.